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Tres' Chic Children's Boutique is an Australian business showcasing beautiful high quality, unique, babies & children's clothing, fine jewellery, footwear & gifts for little girls aged 0yrs - 8yrs

(We also offer a very small collection for boys 0yrs-2yrs)

The word Tres' (pronounced Tray) means 'stylish' and this is what I aim to offer instore 

All of our clothing, jewellery & footwear are of the highest quality and are meant to be worn or gifted for special occasions. 

By special occasion, I mean the type of clothing one would wear to a special celebration, ceremony or social gathering such as a birthday party, wedding, christening, Christmas day, Easter, or any occasion when you want to 'dress to impress'.

Here you will find beautifully stylish, high quality, affordable & reputable designer brands that I have sourced from all over the world.

Tres' Chic Children's Boutique has a wonderful line up of clothing, jewellery & footwear . Whether you are looking for luxury fashion children's brands, or casual mid range fashion you are sure to find something to your liking here.